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in Cars - 01 Oct, 2015
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How to equip your garage for large scale car restoration.

While your family may not be overly excited about you fixing up the garage for some large scale car restoration, if you want to manage several cars you might be losing sleep over what your dream garage could look like! Equipping your garage for such a big job can be a long process, but when you know you’ve got everything you need waiting there for you, the actual work for your car restoration can become more fun and a lot less frustrating!

To begin with, you’ll probably need to do-up the walls of your garage. If there’s any drywall covering the walls, you’ll have to remove this to make way for the various wires and electrical components you’ll need during your restoration. Though a lot of people aren’t aware of this, the typical home garage doesn’t get a great deal of electricity diverted to it compared to other rooms, so you may need to have your current electricity plan upgraded to accommodate for your needs. You’ll probably also want more power sockets both at ground and bench levels. If you want to go a step further while you’re opening up your walls, you might be able to install new plumbing systems for a wall-mounted tap. A wash bowl can be very useful in all kinds of mechanical procedures.

Next up; the floor of your garage. I probably don’t have to tell you how dirty some people’s garage floors can get, so give it a good once-over with a broom and vacuum cleaner. Seen as you want to use it for large-scale restoration, you’ll need to check the drainage system in your garage, and how wet the floor gets on an average rainy day. This may be a good time to check your budget for this project, as fixing drainage problems could be as simple as covering up a few cracks to installing a new drain!